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Sunset Ridge Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is proud to serve the long term care needs of Pennsylvania seniors with distinction. Nestled in a scenic, country setting, our center features a calm and quiet atmosphere with a hometown feel. Our long-time, experienced nursing staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care suffused with compassion and dignity. Here, everyone feels like family.

Our long term care program offers a supportive environment for older adults with complex medical needs. In our warm and nurturing environment, our caregiving team provides round-the-clock skilled nursing care while addressing each patient’s overall wellbeing and individualized needs. This all-encompassing approach fosters greater self-esteem, independence, and improved quality of life. Board certified physicians visit our residents on a regular basis to assess and accommodate any changes in health.

Our outstanding therapeutic recreation program enriches our residents’ daily lives, providing the social interaction and daily stimulation that is so essential.

Long term care services include:
  • 24-Hour Nursing Care: Skilled nurses will provide every resident with constant care to ensure that their needs are met at any time of the day or night.
  • Medication Management: Seniors have challenging medicine regimens, it’s often hard for their caretakers to even keep track of it. Our staff can manage every patient’s medication to ensure doctor’s instructions are followed and residents remain safe.
  • Diabetic Management: Many seniors have diabetes. If left unchecked, it can significantly impact their ability to heal and their comfort. We can help to control your diabetes.
  • Supplemental Nourishment: Eating proper meals can be a challenge for seniors for many reasons. We can address those reasons and add supplemental nourishment.
  • Therapeutic Activities: Relax, engage, and feel joy with our therapeutic activities. Explore new interests, reconnect with treasured memories, and play games with other seniors to make friends and valuable connections.
  • On-site Dental, Podiatry & Dermatology Services: There’s no reason to leave for these essential care types. We have skilled dentists, podiatrists, and dermatologists on staff to help you.
  • On-site Laboratory & Radiology Services: There’s no need to leave for testing either, all your tests can be done comfortably on-site.
  • Geriatric Psychology & Psychiatry Services: Seniors need psychological support as much as anyone else. Here, they can get the care that they need to manage uncomfortable emotions, grief, and mental illness.
  • Memory Care: Those with Alzheimer’s and dementia have unique needs which we’re uniquely equipped to meet. A well-trained staff and specialized cognitive techniques are essential elements of our specialized Dementia Care program.
  • Respite Services: You don’t have to stay in long-term care for the long-term! By spending some time here, you can give your caregiver a much-needed break. They don’t need to feel guilty about the care you receive and can return to caregiving with renewed energy when you return. Everyone needs a break, and with respite care you can remain safe and comfortable.
  • Hospice & Palliative Care: Our skilled nursing team is here to make you and your family comfortable and provide you with the support you need during this challenging time.

3298 Ridge Road Bloomsburg, PA 17815

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